Split Turbine Babbitt Bearing with Thrust Face for Oil & Gas Industry

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Turbine Bearing with Thrust Face Turbine Bearing with Thrust Face
Turbine Bearing with Thrust Face

Constructed from SAE 660, C93200, ASTM B505-08 bronze base material, our turbine Babbitt bearings with thrust face are just one of the many OEM Babbitt bearing types Jensen Machine supplies its customers. Produced by our CNC machining equipment and possessing +.001/-.000 inch precision tolerance, our high-quality turbine bearings are designed according to client drawings and specifications and feature a split bronze shell Babbitt bearing with thrust face at both ends.

Our turbine Babbitt bearings have a surface roughness of sixteen micro inches and are 3.5 inches in length with a 3.62 inch outside diameter and a 2.162 inch inside diameter. For part protection and safe transport, our turbine Babbitt bearings are packaged in special boxes with dividers, protecting each half. We provide on-time delivery to all of our New York based clientele. Producing over 260 of these turbine Babbitt bearings annually, we always keep inventory in-stock for immediate shipment.

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Product Name
Gear & Turbine Bearing
Product Description
split bronze shell Babbitt bearing with thrust face both ends
Capabilities Applied / Processes
One of the many OEM Babbitt bearings we supply to our customers. Inventory is kept in stock for immediate delivery.
Tightest Tolerance
Product Length
Product Outside Diameter
Product Inside Diameter
Surface Roughness
16 micro inches
Cutting Method
CNC Machining and special tooling
Base Material
SAE 660 C93200 Bronze,
Material Thickness Applied (Babbitt)
Babbitt Material Used
SAE 12, ASTM B23-00, Alloy 2
standard box with dividers for part protection
Industry for Use
oil & gas industry/power generation/steam turbines
Delivery Time
in stock
Delivery Location
Standards Met
customer drawings and specifications
Drawing Type Accepted