Jensen Machine was contacted by our client when they found our website while searching for a Babbitt bearing supplier. This industrial air compressor client was having difficulties with their previous vendor due to extended lead times, delayed deliveries, and quality assurance issues. They were happy to discover that we were “right in their backyard.”

Produced using 1026 steel and Grade 11 Babbitt, Jensen Machine manufactures these Babbitt bearing sleeves that are roughly 3-3/4 inches in length with a 5 inch outside diameter and 3-1/2 inch inside diameter. Providing (+/-) 0.0004 inch precision tolerance, with a total circular run out of within 0.0004 inches, these flanged steel shelled bearings meet our OEM clients high expectations.

Proving ourselves through consistent quality and on-time delivery, we now produce many of this customer’s bearing designs.