Jensen Machine has manufactured more than 700 unique Babbitt bearing and seal designs. Our typical lot sizes range from a single piece to several hundred. We are experienced with outer shell materials such as bronze, steel, cast iron, and copper. We produce a large assortment of babbitt bearing and seal types such as journal, elliptical, self-equalizing, and tilting pad. Used in both steam and gas turbines, gear boxes, elevators, compressors, pumps, and many other types of industrial equipment, our Babbitt bearings and seals meet the highest industry standards, including ANSI, AS, MIL, and other strict OEM specifications.

We are able to keep items in stock for repeat customers, offering rapid delivery for those clients. Otherwise, standard lead times are typically six weeks. Reach out to Jensen Machine’s expert team regarding your special schedule requirements.

Contact us for more information about our premium Babbitt bearings and seals or our general machining services.