Double Thrust Face Tilting Pad Babbitt Bearing for Gas Turbine

With a request to manufacture new product from a customer-provided working sample, we successfully fabricated seven unique tilting pad Babbitt bearings that can be applied by the oil and gas industry for direct use in a gas turbine. Our new tilting pad journal Babbitt bearings contain thrust faces both ends, each with two sets of self-leveling rockers. The Babbitt bearings contain base material constructed out of multiple materials; 4142, 1018 HR bar, and 1026 HF steel tubing.

Using SAE 11, ASTM B23-94, Alloy 11 Babbitt material, and CNC machining with special tooling capabilities, this bearing meets (+/-) .0005 inch precision tolerance, and a sixteen micro inch surface roughness requirement. They are six inches in length, with 7.5 inches in outside diameter, and 3.5 inches inside diameter.

Our tilting pad bearings are delivered in special packaging, assuring safe transport. We provide on-time delivery within and outside of Connecticut. Meeting unique customer specifications, our tilting pad bearing products always achieve high client satisfaction!

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Product Name
Tilting Pad Journal Bearing
Product Description
Tilting pad journal bearing with thrust faces both ends, each with 2 sets of self-leveling rockers
Capabilities Applied / Processes
We were requested to manufacture new bearings from a working sample. Seven bearings were made. Our customer was highly satisfied with the results.
Tightest Tolerance
Product Length
Product Outside Diameter
Product Inside Diameter
Surface Roughness
16 micro inches
Cutting Method
CNC Machining and special tooling
Base Material
4142; 1018 HR bar; 1026 HF steel tubing
Material Thickness Applied (Babbitt)
Babbitt Material Used
SAE 11, ASTM B23-94, alloy 11
special packaging
Industry for Use
oil & gas industry/ direct use in a gas turbine
Delivery Time
On Time!
Delivery Location
Standards Met
customer specifications
Drawing Type Accepted