Tri-Metal Gear Babbitt Bearing for Aerospace Fuel Pump

With this gear pump Babbitt bearing having remained out of service for some time, the original manufacturer subsequently lost the technology to fabricate it without porosity in the Babbitt thrust face. As a result, Jensen Machine was contacted by our aerospace industry client to re-develop the process.

Jensen Machine was able to successfully recreate the procedure and, as a result, we now offer our client high-quality, non-porous gear pump Babbitt bearings. Using CNC machining and special tooling capabilities with SAE 12 Babbitt, Grade 2, ASTM B23-94 Alloy 2 material, our gear pump bearing provides .00025 inch precision tolerance, with concentricity within .0004 inches, and zero porosity.

These particular gear pump products are made with a 1018 steel shell, coated with F5 bronze. They have an outside diameter of 0.799 inches and an inside diameter of 0.375 inches, and are only 0.656 inches in length. With a surface roughness of only fifteen micro inches, our superior gear pump Babbitt bearings meet with AS9100B and customer specifications. Jensen Machine offers on-time delivery from Connecticut to California, and will package our gear pump bearings according to our consumers' unique specifications.

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Product Name
Product Description
Gear Pump Bearing
Capabilities Applied / Processes
This part had been out of service for a good length of time. As a result, the manufacturer had lost the technology, and was having difficulty producing a bearing without porosity in the Babbitt thrust face. We were contacted and requested to re-develop the process. We were successful, and began producing bearings with NO porosity!
Tightest Tolerance
.00025, with concentricity within .0004
Product Length
Product Outside Diameter
Product Inside Diameter
Surface Roughness
15 micro inches
Cutting Method
CNC Machining and special tooling
Base Material
1018 Steel Shell, coated with F5 Bronze
Material Thickness Applied (Babbitt)
Material Used
SAE 12 Babbitt, Grade 2, ASTM B23-94 Alloy 2
Per customer specifications
Industry for Use
Delivery Time
On Time!
Delivery Location
Standards Met
Customer specifications
Drawing Type Accepted